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Where is your business going?

Who will own and run the company? What do I get paid? What does the future look like? Big questions that may not have a given answer. Excore’s role is to create the best deal, support and lead the entire process. If you are considering selling your life’s work, it is a big issue that must be handled carefully and confidentially.

Excore was founded in 1997 and is today one of the leading M&A companies in Sweden. We try to work under the radar, after a deal, it is the buyer, seller and the company that should be in focus, not Excore.

Excore focuses on medium-sized companies with a turnover between SEK 50 million and 2 billion. As a client of Excore, you only pay if it is a successful deal.

  • Founded 1997
  • Transactions 150+
  • Associates 11
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What is the reason for hiring us? Undoubtedly, you know your company and industry best. Shouldn’t you therefore be best suited to sell or acquire the company in question then? You might think so. But it is also the case that the more you do something, the better you get at it. We work with selling and acquiring companies every day, all year round. It provides knowledge and skills that are hard to match.

We make sure you do a better deal, support you through the entire process and guide you through the tax technical and legal thicket. Then we are nice and very easy to deal with. Welcome to us!


Long experience in corporate sales

Excore's employees are specialists in helping entrepreneurs with changes of ownership. We complement each other by coming from completely different backgrounds, a unique characteristic that gives you a comprehensive offer.

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